High Speed Door

Or should we have called it the money saving door? With fuel bills constantly rising we all are looking for ways to keep costs as low as possible. If you are paying for energy to heat or cool areas within your warehouse or factory, you will be all too aware of the amount of contained tempered air that is lost when a roller shutter door is opened to allow entry by a fork lift truck or in some instances a pedestrian.
The amount of time this takes can be dramatically reduced. The high speed door in most instances is two or three times quicker than the conventional industrial door. In simple terms this equates to twice as quick 50% saving on the door open. So even though the initial cost of the door is slightly more, depending on how the door is operated it could in fact start to save money that would reflect in your energy bills very quickly. We have installed a number of these doors for both new and existing customers and have received only positive responses.
At Access Door Systems Ltd we are always striving to keep up with that with what is required both for practical and energy saving products. We believe that this high speed door with in most cases be either a perfect replacement for roller shutter door or positioned inside the building behind an existing roller shutter door where the steel door is still required for the security aspect.
Meaningful reductions in energy and carbon can often be achieved through low cost measures- these simple interventions also deliver a rapid return on investment.



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