Roller shutter doors go from strength to strength

Access Door Systems have been supplying roller shutter doors for many years and we are very pleased to report that we have in the last quarter sold more roller shutter doors than in an equal period of time previously. The original design for a roller shutter door has changed very little since its conception. But our shop floor personnel that assemble our roller shutter doors and the engineers that install the roller shutters are both experienced and proud of what they do.

We do offer different types of roller shutter doors that cater for certain requirements. For example we have an anti-cut roller shutter door that is used on units that are storing high value stock or one of our customers asked for an anti-cut roller shutter because they operate a money collection service and security doors are of the upmost importance.

There seems to be more demand from our clients to have bespoke roller shutter doors. This can include a certain colour or perforated to allow partial vision or air movement and plastic transparent roller shutters for shops, so no matter if the shop is open for business or not, potential customers can window shop.


  1. hmm i think our company need to work on anti-cut roller shutter door installation more for our customers in Victoria (Australia) region considering high sell volume. Btw how many staffs you have to work on the ground.

    Eric Forsberg · Aug 21, 12:00 pm · #

  2. Interesting post, shutters haven’t really changed over the years but there does seem to be more demanded for different types of shutters these days.

    Roger Seidler · Oct 31, 11:48 am · #

  3. Thanks for the good article.

    درب ضد سرقت · Dec 31, 10:33 am · #

  4. Hi,
    What a great collections of rolled shutters in gallery.
    I really like all the rolled shutter and it looks like branded solid shutter.
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    Mickyhussy · Apr 28, 12:45 pm · #


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